importateur de fruits secs bio

Dried fruits, nuts,
seeds & spices

directly from the producer to you

Our organic products


We believe in organic farming that respects people and the land.

Fair Trade

Our products are harvested following a fair trade approach and a fair distribution of benefits.


To reduce our ecological impact, we work in direct partnership with the local producers.

100% natural

Our products contain 100% natural ingredients only. Nothing else. Taste and quality come first!

At KASANA, we directly import organic dry products from producers, embracing fair trade principles and sustainable agricultural practices.

Our mission is to foster a direct connection between producers and consumers, eliminating unnecessary intermediaries. By doing so, we ensure the highest quality of our products, while providing fair and consistent compensation to the producers. Additionally, we strive to create value and generate employment opportunities in remote rural areas.

By choosing KASANA, you support a passionate company that combines its love for food with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.