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Organic pitted Deglet Nour Dates

Discover our organic Deglet Nour dates from Algeria, a true treasure of the Algerian Sahara. Cultivated in the Négrine oasis, they are the result of traditional techniques that have been passed down for over 7 generations.

Algerian dates are renowned worldwide for their superior quality and unique flavor. Our organic Deglet Nour dates are particularly prized for their sweet and fruity taste. They are perfect for a delicious snack, but can also be used to naturally sweeten desserts, smoothies, and many other recipes.

Our dates are sourced from sustainable and organic agriculture. They are hand-pitted in Algeria. Date production in Algeria is an important pillar of the local economy, contributing to job creation and economic growth.

Our pitted organic Deglet Nour dates are available in bulk or in 150g paper packaging.

100% dates*.
*From non-EU organic farming

(Certified by CERTISYS BE-BIO-01)

Average nutitional value per 100gr
Energy 284 kcal / 1204 kJ
of which saturates
0,4 g
0,1 g
of which sugars
65 g
23,5 g
Fiber 6,9 g
Protein 1,7 g
Salt 0,01 g

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