Our partners

Why do we work with partners?

For several years, KASANA has been specialized in the creation of sustainable agricultural chains and in the commercialization of a range of organic, ethical and transparent products issued from these chains.

To extend this product range and continue to promote a sustainable agriculture, we have decided to select partners who share our values.

Like us, these partners place the direct contact with the local producers, environmental impact, fair trade and job creation at the center of their activities.

By working with KASANA, these partners benefit from logistical, commercial and technical support.


Origin: Bolivia

Our partner’s Amazon nuts are harvested in the wild, in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon. It is at the foot of hundred-year-old trees, rising to more than 50 m high, that the shells are opened with a machete to extract their nuts.

The nuts are then transported to Riberalta, where they are shelled for the most part by hand, which provides employment for about 80 people.

The nuts broken during shelling are processed into “chunks”, which provides additional jobs for 15 to 20 people for the cutting stage. All workers are covered by health insurance.

Once shelled, the nuts are transported by boat from Bolivia to Europe.


Origin: Greece

Our partner’s currants are produced from black Vostizza grapes. This variety, which has a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), is considered the highest quality currant. It is grown mostly in the mountainous regions of Aigio, in Greece, but is recognized worldwide for its unique flavors.

The production of black Corinthian grapes is one of the most difficult in the world. The harvest of this exceptional product is done by hand, on the slopes of the mountains of the area, at more than 700m above sea level.

After the harvest, the grapes are sun-dried in a 100% natural way, without sugar, sulfites or any other additive.


Origin: Sicily

Almonds are a typical product of Italy. Our partner’s almonds are harvested in Sicily, in a small remote town in the province of Caltanissetta. This region, slightly in altitude, very sunny and surrounded by hills, enjoys ideal climatic and environmental conditions for the cultivation of almond trees.

In order to boost its economic activity, the region of Sicily provides land for farmers who want to start a project. This is what allowed Gabriele, our very young almond producer, to start his business in 2019. His estate, Azienda Di Mandorle bio, now covers 32 hectares of land where no less than 8,000 almond trees are planted.