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Organic plain nuts


Our organic pistachios are the result of unique craftsmanship. Our supply chain stands out for the exceptional quality of its products. The pistachios are grown in the heart of Spain, in a region with a warm and dry Mediterranean climate, ideal for the cultivation of pistachio trees.

The harvesting of our pistachios is carried out by a cooperative consisting of nearly 400 producers. These farmers receive support and advanced technical training, enabling them to continuously improve the quality of their products.

100% pistachios*.

*From EU organic farming

(Certified by CERTISYS BE-BIO-01).

Average nutritional values per 100g
Energy 604 kcal / 2500 kJ
of which saturates
50,6 g
5,9 g
of which sugars
12 g
8,6 g
Fiber 8,1 g
Protein 21,2 g
Salt <0,01 g

Our organic pistachios are available in bulk

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