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Discover the new packaged range by KASANA

Discover our range of dried fruits packaged in recyclable paper.

At KASANA, we are constantly seeking innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers while being environmentally friendly. This brand new range, packaged in recyclable paper, once again demonstrates our commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing our environmental impact.

To create this range, we have carefully selected 25 responsibly sourced options that showcase our supply chains and the hard work of our producers.


Experience a burst of flavors with our organic dried fruits

Indulge in a naturally sweet and delicious experience with our selection of organic dried fruits. Our assortment includes:

Our dried fruits are always 100% natural and free from added sugars. They are perfect for a healthy snack or to add a touch of indulgence to your recipes!


Experience the pure essence of nature with our organic nuts

From Bolivia to Burkina Faso and all the way to Sicily, experience the irresistible crunch of our organic nuts and be enchanted by their rich and natural flavors. Our range includes:

A delicious selection of nuts to enjoy as a healthy snack on their own or to enhance your favorite dishes and desserts.


Celebrate the joy of shared moments with our range of roasted nuts and seeds.

Indulge in our delicious selection of snacks and appetizers featuring sustainably sourced nuts.

It is in our workshops in Belgium where the magic happens, as our nuts are roasted and seasoned. To ensure their unique taste, we dry roast them without any oil and season them with organic and 100% natural ingredients (free from additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors).

Allow yourself to be carried away by our mouthwatering creations:


Experience the perfect blend of fruits and nuts with our irresistible organic mixes.

For even more flavors and creativity, let yourself be tempted by our gourmet blends:

  • Tropical mix: a blend of coconut, nuts, and exotic dried fruits.
  • Trail mix: the classic blend of nuts and raisins loved by everyone.
  • Banana & Chocolate mix: the food lovers’ favorite, featuring cashews coated in a blend of coconut and chocolate.
  • Nut mix: A crunchy blend of hazelnuts, almonds, Amazon nuts, walnut halves, and cashews.

Our mixes can be enjoyed as they are, but they also add a touch of color and crunch to your desserts, smoothies, yogurts, breakfasts, and more.


At KASANA, we are deeply committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture. We continually seek innovative solutions to reduce our ecological impact.

This commitment is reflected in our development of short supply chains and continuous improvement of our production methods to meet the expectations of both our customers and producers. Packaging is also a significant aspect of our commitment.

For our bulk products, we have already implemented an eco-friendly system with our reusable buckets. To further strengthen our dedication to responsible consumption, we are proud to present our new range packaged in recyclable paper.

Whether you are an environmentally-conscious consumer or a distributor seeking quality products to offer your customers, our packaged range will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to explore how you can incorporate our products into your selection and join us in our commitment to responsible agriculture.

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